Best solutions for developers
Sketchode - graphical representation of a design project created in Sketch that helps you to optimize mobile and desktop applications development. This multicomponent application provides quick access to the elements of a design project and navigation within it, thus arming developers with a simple and intuitive means of working with design layouts.
Fonts, Colors, Opacity
Opacity Select a design element in the main area to view its font name, color, and opacity in the info panel.
Elements size and position
Select a design element to check its thumbnail in the Preview. The info panel shows the size and location of the selected element.
Shadows, visibility, image resolution
Use a navigation bar to hide elements or disable their shadows. Any single element or group of elements can be exported with a specific set of resolutions and suffixes in just one operation.
Make My App — Mockup Tools for Developers
Make My App is an application developer tool that brings any of your brilliant ideas to life. It helps you to simplify the creation of schemes, mockups, wireframes or UI concepts and make a perfect model of application to develop. Arrange buttons and fields as you like, fill the text area, add lines, charts, tabs and windows, and block several elements to show the application functionality in its prototype.
Mockup packs for different devices are available: