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Multi Drag And Drop Buffer
Copy-and-paste process is a routine, but not all things that you may need the things you copy later than immediately. And often there is also a problem of copying multiple objects consequently and then pasting them in different order. Your Mac desktop might not be the best option for temporarily placing the objects as it's not always files that you copy. It might be everything from text fragments to images, sounds and entire folders. It's where Multi Drag And Drop Buffer comes into play.

Multi Drag And Drop Buffer serves as a clipboard for everything you might need to move or copy. Just drag the objects onto the app panel to save them for later use. Drag them from the panel to insert where you wish.

Multi Drag And Drop Buffer Features:
- minimalistic design - just basic clipboard functions;
- multiple objects management - change pasting order, delete them right from the panel;
- easy to use, instant objects removal;
- perfectly suitable for office work.

Use Multi Drag And Drop Buffer to improve your productivity and effectively increase your daily routine speed! Read more...