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Record Your Dream Talk
Have you ever thought what people say when they are asleep? Some people are just muttering or laughing in sleep, while others are even telling short stories! Find out everything about yourself, even when your sense is off and you dive into the reality of subconscious! Turn on the microphone while you are asleep, it will record only sounds, listen all the things you`ve said. Record Your Dream Talk - lots of new interesting discoveries are waiting for you, have fun!

HOW TO USE: Put the telephone next to bed, the microphone must be directed at you. The optimal distance is over the range of one meter. Click the record button to start recording. To avoid discharge connect your telephone to charger. To delete the record swipe left.

Record Your Dream Talk Features:
- The app records sounds louder that the calibrated level;
- You can change the calibrated level in settings;
- Choose a write-back recording;
- See the history of records;
- Add to favorites.

Record Your Dream Talk - for everybody who is interested in psychology or just wants to know more about him/herself! Read more...